The flag represents all

To the editor,

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for the people of good conscience to remain silent.”
– Thomas Jefferson

On July 3 we hung an American flag alongside a Biden 2020 flag. The American flag is a symbol of all of us, not just those supporting the president and we felt called to respond to that trend. Over the past eight weeks we have had our Biden flag and our Justice Now signs ripped down, slashed with knives and destroyed.
The police have been very helpful and we have been able to photograph this assailant. But like the current administration, the intimidation was intense. Our garden stand was despoiled and the message was clear: “You have no right to disagree with me.”
We kept buying flags and putting them up. We felt that in order to prevent tyranny from gaining a foothold we had to speak up. We felt the realities of this administration’s desire to conquer with fear, to keep us all afraid, reaching for guns, using violence.
We are people of good conscience and would never tear a sign down. But we will not cower or let our fear silence us. Please fly the American flag alongside your Biden flag and take back the flag for all of us.
It does not belong to one party as they would have us believe. Do not remain silent.

The Rev. Mary Zachary-Lang and Dan Lang

How did this happen?

To the editor,

When has an American commander-in-chief ever called American service men and women losers and suckers and our Generals dopes and babies. How did the likes of Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin become trusted influencers of a U.S. president? Why would a leader of a nation purposefully ignore a dangerous virus; recommend ingesting poisonous substances; and malign solutions? What motivates a man, any man, to rally his fans to bask in his presence at virus super-spreader events placing his adorers in harm’s way?

Where have Christians witnessed for Christ these past four years: In the cages with babies and children? In response to swastikas on banners? On the front lines with health care providers? By the side of George Floyd?

Remember before 2016, presidents used the power of the office to protect elections? Remember when we used to campaign for our favorite candidates, cast our vote; stay up late to see who won, listen to the acceptance and concession speeches, and look forward to a peaceful transfer of power?

The reigning president has darkly hinted that he might deviate from this crown jewel of democracy which began with George Washington and which has been sustained by our leaders ever since, thus begging the question: How did a nation of laws, where no person is above the law, become fertile ground for the seeding of an autocracy that has begun to take root in our systems and our souls?

Joanne Hulsey

Candidate is a ‘persistent advocate’

To the editor,

It is with great enthusiasm that I express my support to re-elect Henry Ingwersen for Maine House 10. I have known Henry for many years as a friend, teacher and neighbor but it has been in the last two years that I have witnessed him working tirelessly for his constituents, especially in the last few months while his concerned constituents try to navigate and file claims for COVID-19 unemployment and related benefits.

I have seen him listen intently on the phone and then kindly ask, “How can I help you?” or “I’ll see what I can find out and get right back to you.” I have seen him at meetings and social events always willing to give people his time and attention to what their concerns are without knowing their party affiliation or preferences. I have
seen him go door-to-door and have incredibly engaging conversations because people are hungry to be cared for and Henry will give them the time they need to feel heard.

I know Henry is eager to start the next term to continue the work he has been involved in on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee as well as to continue being a persistent advocate for our Maine teachers, staff and schools.

In addition, Henry is deeply invested in working at full capacity for his constituents and making District 10 a better and fruitful place for all residents.

Please join me and many others in voting for Henry Ingwersen, Maine House 10.

Kate Brown