Cover courtesy of HarperCollins

“‘Seedfolks,’ written by Paul Fleischman, is considered to be a children’s book. I strongly disagree. I believe it will resonate with any reader, regardless of age. Here you find themes of hope, kindness and the healing power of nature. Beginning with the simple action of a young Vietnamese girl, a trash-filled vacant lot in New York City is transformed into a community garden, a place where all are welcome. This story is told through 13 distinctly different voices, each with their own story to tell. Currently, we live in a world filled with fear and uncertainty. It is restorative to escape to a place where acceptance and tolerance grow alongside the tomatoes and marigolds. ‘Seedfolks’ reminds us all to appreciate diversity and the importance of community.  It is a book you will want to read again and again. — COLLEEN E. GRIFFIN, Portland