I believe we all have a responsibility to contribute to our community in a positive way. Windham is dealing with the inevitable pressures that occur in growing and changing communities,  and we should all unite in tackling these issues ensuring that Windham is the best place it can be for all.

Windham is at an impasse and needs a new approach to the pressing issues we face. In dealing with inevitable growth, environmental impact must always be considered. Studies and research should be conducted to maximize the utilization of our space while having minimal impact on our resources. We need to make a real effort to increase our tax base, while actively pursuing businesses that pay their employees livable wages. Development pressure is a real issue and we must address increased traffic as well as develop a strategy for new developments that prioritize compatibility with existing neighborhoods. Please join me on Nov. 3 to help move Windham forward!

Harrison Deah
Candidate, Windham Town Council