Congratulations to Sen. Susan Collins! Her hard work has clearly paid off and the Smithsonian will likely soon include a Women’s History Museum. I would like to suggest some Maine women who I believe should be honored by inclusion.

A young wife and mother who had to give up her job as sternman on her husband’s lobster boat in order to take care of her children and help them with their remote schoolwork. They cannot afford broadband.

A young immigrant couple with school-age children. They lost their minimum-wage jobs the day after they attained U.S. citizenship. They are hungry.

A disabled woman who cannot afford all of her medications, so she must cut her pills in half.

A widow in her 80s who has no one to help her on a regular basis. She eats one small meal per day. She keeps busy sewing masks for charity groups.

A woman who lost her husband of over 50 years to the coronavirus. He was in the hospital for three months before he died – alone.

Even if none of these women is chosen to be honored by the Smithsonian, I hope that Sen. Collins and her colleagues can help them.

Bonnie Kam

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