I was very disappointed to read your lead front-page article Jan. 10 with the headline claiming that “planning, transparency fall short in vaccine rollout.”

On the contrary, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been very clear that the remaining available doses are to be used to give our brave front-line medical staff and our beleaguered nursing home residents their second shots. This is prudent, not misleading.

Regarding the supposed lack of planning: How can the Maine CDC move into action until the federal government provides Maine with an ample number of vaccines? The problem is in Washington, not Maine.

Your own Staff Writer Rob Wolfe reflected this in an article I received in my inbox just now (“Maine’s COVID-19 case total nearing 30,000,” Jan. 11, Page A1), and I quote: “State officials in charge of Maine’s vaccine distribution said much of the unused COVID-19 vaccine supply is meant for long-term care facilities. Officials also cited small and unreliable shipments from the federal government as major contributors to the delay in Maine’s vaccine plans.” I’ve been listening to the CDC briefings, and that is the case. How does that make the rollout “fall short”?

In my opinion, the misleading Jan. 10 headline and article unjustly undermine the work the CDC is doing to keep us safe.

Stacie Webb

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