I read Jim Fossel’s Jan. 17 column about impeachment with interest since Fossel is an articulate advocate for conservative politics.

Like Mr. Fossel, I am concerned that a second impeachment trial of Donald Trump will divert attention and energy from the Biden-Harris plans for recovering from the pandemic and rebuilding our economy. But I reached my limit of tolerance for excusing or overlooking Trump’s outright savaging of our democracy and the rule of law when I watched him whip up his supporters on Jan. 6 and then saw the violence that ensued.

I am convinced that the single count brought by the House is justified and necessary. Sure, start a 9/11-type commission to examine every aspect of the debacle. But every representative and every senator swore an oath to defend the Constitution. Donald Trump – while in office – attacked it.

Impeachment is the process that must be used because the Cabinet and the vice president refused to remove Trump under the terms of the 25th Amendment.

Andrew Stevenson

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