Our restaurant, like most others, runs on razor thin margins even during the best of times, which is why the past 11 months have been so difficult for the industry. Thankfully, we’ve been able to qualify for two rounds of Sen. Susan Collins’ Paycheck Protection Program, which has allowed us to stay afloat, adapt and keep staff on the payroll while complying with the decreased capacity guidelines to keep everyone healthy and safe. This program has made a big difference for our staff and the families they are able to continue to support through our business.

Oftentimes our regulars ask how we’re doing, and I am always sure to let them know that if it weren’t for the PPP, we’d be out of business, because it’s absolutely true. Continuing to operate at a reduced capacity for a prolonged period of time has made it impossible to cover all of the bills, and PPP has helped us fill the gap. I don’t know what we would have done without it.

Recently, our first round of PPP was fully forgiven, and we qualified for a second round to help us make ends meet until we can return to business as usual.

We here at DiMillo’s are forever grateful to Sen. Collins for her continued leadership and support of the Maine people.

Steven DiMillo

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