Where is the Legislature? It has been nearly a year since this virus has taken complete control of our lives and yet only one voice is leading the fight against it. Whether you believe that the governor has done everything right, wrong or somewhere in between, it seems ludicrous for us to allow the Legislature to sit back and essentially observe the process.

We vote for a Legislature to be our voices and a governor to be our leader. Our voices, to this point, are mostly silent.

They need to speak on our behalf with every idea out on the table so that they can take appropriate legislative action to address the issues confronting us because of this virus. They should act in a swift, decisive way that is based on the best possible information available to them. They cannot, and should not, relinquish their duty and force the governor to act as one voice while silencing the collective voices of the people of the state of Maine.

When a building is engulfed in flames, you can’t expect the fire chief to put out the fire while the rest of the department watches.

Richard Beaudoin

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