For whatever reason, we Mainers say “no” a lot. I urge my fellow Pine Tree State residents to say “yes” to green hydropower and the New England Clean Energy Connect.

Hydropower is hardly some new, experimental concept. Maine has a great history with hydropower. In fact, we have the most hydropower of any state east of the Mississippi.

However, over the last several decades, we’ve become increasingly reliant on oil and gas from out-of-state companies. Maine is more dependent on petroleum to power our businesses and homes than any other New England state. Let’s diversify our sources of energy with clean, renewable hydroelectric power from the New England Clean Energy Connect and reduce our oil dependence.

Gov. Mills has touted over $250 million in direct benefits to Maine coming from this project, especially $140 million in direct electric rate relief. And the NECEC has committed $50 million to help low-income customers in Maine reduce their energy bills. In addition, the NECEC will reduce wholesale electricity prices by more than $350 million over the next 15 years.

I’m a senior on a fixed income, so this is music to my ears. Why are some still saying “no”? Many folks have been deliberately misinformed by messages paid for by the very gas companies that profit off our dependence.

Let’s say “yes” to the New England Clean Energy Connect and the terrific benefits it offers the people of our great state.

Elizabeth Rennie

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