The Lisbon Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday to seek court action to force the clean-up of a property at 49 Frost Hill Avenue.

The property is owned by Chad Pomerleau, according to a memo to the council from Code Enforcement Officer Dennis Douglass.

Douglass states that he notified Pomerleau in September 2015 that having non-domestic animals on the property was in violation of the town’s ordinances.

The most recent violation notices sent in October 2020 and January 2021 were for illegal burning of household trash and violating local and state junkyard and litter laws. Douglass required cleanup of the litter and debris.

According to Douglass, Pomerleau no longer lives at the residence and is currently not allowed at the property due to a court order. His wife, Casey Pomerleau, lives there and is responsible for the trash and debris on the property, Douglass states.

The town’s attorney, Michael Carey, sent a letter to Chad Pomerleau and his wife, Casey Pomerleau, on Jan. 8 to alert them that the town would be considering legal action. He gave them until Jan. 22 to remove all trash and debris, discarded metal and appliances from the exterior of the home. He also required they stop illegally burning trash in a fire pit in the back yard and to pay $415 to reimburse the town in legal fees.

According to the letter Douglass sent to Pomerleau in October 2020, a judgment in favor of the town could result in a court ordering the violations be addressed, as well as a $100 fee for each fee on a per-day basis. The court could also require the property owner to pay the town’s court costs and legal fees.

Town Manager Diane Barnes said Tuesday that the town seeks to recoup attorney fees, which are at about $1,600.

“I believe a resolution to this issue will be coming soon,” Douglass states in his memo to the council. “I have no indication that Mr. Pomerleau, when given the right, will not comply with the order to clean up his property.”

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