COLBY ARSENAULT, Junior—Basketball

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Arsenault was well known entering the season for his offensive acumen and this winter, he stepped it up on the defensive end as well, emerging as one of the conference’s best all-around players, which helped the Falcons remain competitive throughout.

Arsenault started playing basketball at a young age and he took to it quickly.

“Basketball is my number one sport and has been for most of my life,” Arsenault said. “I have spent more time and effort on basketball than I have on any other sport. The thing I love about basketball is the competitive scene of it. I love competing and putting all my effort on the court. When I’m on the court, all I think about is basketball and I leave everything else behind.”

Arsenault averaged 15.6 points per game this winter, making 38 percent of his 3-point shots, while also averaging 5.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.1 steals. He was capable of spearheading a run, or going on a run of his own, while also affecting the game on the defensive end, which was a new twist according to Freeport coach Bill Ridge.


“Where (Colby) made his biggest strides this season was on the defensive end,” Ridge said. “He had not traditionally been looked at as a shutdown defender but he was often called on to guard the strongest scorer and most essential player on the opposing teams.”

While the Falcons only won three of 10 games, they were competitive nearly every time out and Arsenault set the tone with the likes of 13 points in a season-opening win over Brunswick, 12 points in a narrow loss to Cape Elizabeth and 22 and 25 points respectively in season-ending losses to Gray-New Gloucester.

“I think that we had a great and productive season that was filled with positivity and motivation,” Arsenault said. “We may not have had the best record as a team, but we all got closer as teammates and the season was really fun.”

Colby Arsenault, Freeport’s Winter Male Athlete of the Year, gets better every year and he figures to have a very impressive senior season in store.

Coach Bill Ridge’s comment: “Colby has been a steady hand and steady head for the program over the past two seasons. He has been asked to be versatile on the court because he possesses the ball-handling, passing and shooting skills of a guard to go along with a big, strong body, a capable post game and ability to rebound at a high level. This makes him challenging to defend. It’s disappointing he did not have a full junior season, but the ceiling is extremely high for his senior year.”

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RACHEL WALL—Senior, Basketball

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* Maine McDonald’s Senior All-Star

* Captain

Wall merited attention and accolades not only through her transcendent play, but also for how she played, with tremendous class and sportsmanship.


Wall not only excelled on the basketball court in high school, but in soccer as well, winning contested balls and scoring goals with a flourish.

On the court, she was along for the ride as a freshman as Freeport reached its first regional final in four decades, then played a bigger role her sophomore season, when again, the Falcons advanced to the Class B South Final. As a junior, Wall teamed with Caroline Smith to help Freeport earn the top seed for the tournament.

This winter, Wall’s season was abbreviated, but she still put up huge numbers, averaging 17.1 points per game (fourth best in the Western Maine Conference) and 4 steals per contest (good for second in the conference). She set the tone with 24 points in the opener against Brunswick. Wall also had 19 points in a victory over Mt. Ararat, 16 points in a loss to Cape Elizabeth, 22 points in a win over Cape Elizabeth and 20 points in a season-ending win at Gray-New Gloucester, the Falcons’ first victory at the Patriots since 2005.

For her career, Wall scored 676 points and grabbed 302 rebounds. On three occasions, she was named to the All-Conference team.

Wall plans to play both soccer and basketball, as well as study biology, at Division III Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia next year.

While she figures to star as well at the next level, you can be sure that the high school exploits, character and leadership of Rachel Wall, Freeport’s Winter Female Athlete of the Year, will long be hailed.


Coach Seth Farrington’s comment: “Rachel has been a major contributor since her sophomore year and has been vital in the upward trajectory of Freeport basketball. She has received a lot of her accolades because of her on-court performances, but who she is as a person trumps all those awards. Her character and integrity are something we should all strive to emulate. It’s been an honor to be her head coach the last three seasons.”

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