I am writing regarding Rep. Michael Lemelin’s use of the words “China virus” to describe the China virus. Let me make something very clear: There is no hate speech in the United States. There is only free speech. Any attempts to prevent a person from saying whatever they want to say should cease, immediately.

Maine House Speaker Ryan Fecteau’s claim that the use of the phrase “China virus” is “a racist trope” is just another example of a stupid Democrat (but I repeat myself) trying to be politically correct by piling onto a Republican while simultaneously stomping on the First Amendment to our Constitution.

This paper repeatedly published claims, by themselves and other news outlets, that violence against Asians increased after President Trump used the terms “Chinese virus,” “China virus” and “kung flu.” Show me the data – in numbers, not percentages – and identify the perpetrators. Yes, I think someone is lying.

If free speech bothers some, I suggest they move. You don’t have to go far – there is no free speech in Canada. In fact, there is no free speech anywhere else in the world. Some governments execute people who speak up.

It discourages me that this newspaper is not in the forefront in defending free speech.

And what is this “woke” about? From what I have read, I’ve decided that it is a simplification, to one syllable, “woke,” from the more complex, two-syllable word “stupid.”

So if you tell me you are “woke,” I will most heartily agree.

Harry White

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