John Balentine’s profound column about Evergreen Cemetery made me sad (“Portland cemetery reflects Maine unity,” May 7). He is so right about male teenagers. I used to be one.

Many of them do stupid, destructive things like calling other humans derogatory names, walking in on and ogling undressed teenage girls, grabbing women by what, prior to 2016, used to be considered their private parts, and staying up all night seditiously tweeting. They destroy things like gravestones and would destroy democratic governments if they could. Some of their daddies give them large allowances and even their mafia connections. But they carelessly bungle their finances anyway and blame others, especially females and people of other races, for their misfortunes. They say they are infallible; they can make no mistakes. But any competent neuroscientist or escaper of significant brain damage, except perhaps an economist, knows that making mistakes is how we learn.

Yes, these “cool” teenage boys are one of the main reasons we have polluted and defaced the planet. They have taken the concept of externalities that we all learn about in Economics 101 and thrown it in the trash bin. Their actions feed the current craze that says white men, like John and I, aren’t as nice and cuddly as Ewoks. Look at Bezos. Look at Gates and Musk. Need I say more?

That is why, like Balentine, we should listen to the wisdom of the rich. For centuries they have told the rest of us not to worry; we’ll get our rewards in heaven. Yes, the creator of this earthly, neoliberal utopian mess will say, “Ha, ha. That earth stuff was just a joke. Now that we’re here together as equals, in this Balentinian unity, I expect you all to play nice and get along. … Wait a minute. Dammit, Donald. Give her back her wing!”

Ken Weston