Dear Scarborough,

People around the state have been involved in your town’s business because of your town’s approval of an ICE facility. People have called your city officials, emailed them, stood in front of the facility and on Route 1, held rallies in Portland and written letters to the editor.

ICE, which stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has a horrible human rights record, and now they are coming to your town. This facility, the only one in the Northeast, will be responsible for taking our neighbors from their families and then sent to detention centers or deported. We wonder why this agency chose Scarborough. Because a realtor said yes to millions of dollars? Because a City Council said yes? Because the residents were not aware?

Almost 100% of the people who stopped to ask those who stood in front of the facility were visibly upset by the news they learned. “We don’t want to be known as the town of ICE,” was a common comment.

Please, if you are a resident of Scarborough, conduct a Google search for “ICE”, a search for “ICE Detention” and then a search for “ICE Facility in Scarborough.”

If you are upset by what you learn, please take five minutes to email your city councilors and tell them you want time at your city’s next Zoom meeting (June 2) to discuss ways to protect your citizens and the people of Maine from this agency.

Thank you.

Mary Dunn