The town of Falmouth fired another shot in the Sewer War with the Woodlands Homeowners Association (WHA).

Town vendors began digging “test pits” in front of the clubhouse and two homes, one of them mine. WHA’s attorney has continually warned the town they did not have approval and that it would be trespassing on WHA property. The town has no legal rights to construct the West Falmouth sewer line through the Woodlands, a private community that owns and maintains its own roads and utility infrastructure.

A war has many battles, and this Sewer War will be long and wasteful. The town will waste time and money designing a sewer for West Falmouth through the Woodlands. WHA will waste time and money defending its rights to protect the safety of homeowners and its current sewer, electrical, telephone and cable infrastructure.

When we know where the town wants to construct the sewer, we can begin our legal battle to stop these wasteful efforts. Until then, we must watch while the town trespasses on our land, digs up our property and threatens our utility infrastructure.

I was asked recently why I was fighting the town and my answer is simple. “If the town said they were going to put a sewer through your front yard when they did not have the legal rights to do so, wouldn’t you fight them?”

Hopefully, Falmouth town councilors will realize how long this war could go on and will select the cheaper route through the CMP corridor or the comparable-cost route along Woodville and Woods Roads, where the town has unquestionable legal authority to construct the West Falmouth sewer line.

This will be a long war and it will require fortitude and patience. Fortunately, I have lots of both.

Your war correspondent,

James L. Solley