PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – Portsmouth is the latest city in New Hampshire to repeal its mask ordinance.

The City Council voted Monday to repeal the mandate, effective immediately, Seacoastonline.com reported. It had been set to expire on June 30. The council voted against a motion to amend the repeal so that the mask mandate would stay in place indoors only through June 30.

City businesses have reported they are starting to see fewer customers because the mask mandate remained in effect, while other communities revoked their mandates, Assistant Mayor Jim Splaine said.

“We are losing business. That’s the message that we’re hearing,” Splaine said. “We’re beginning to look kind of foolish by continuing it.”

Durham also rescinded its mask mandate on Monday. Exeter and Newmarket ended theirs, and others did not have one.

Separately, the city put out a notice that indoor seating in Portsmouth restaurants may return to normal capacity, still complying with all applicable codes.

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