Equality demands equity

To the editor,

I know Michael Pock to be a well-meaning person who has served our community in many ways, so it is with all due respect that I disagree with his letter of June 18.

It may be difficult to accept that an idea that makes you uncomfortable isn’t necessarily wrong or untrue. Critical race theory does not undo the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., nor does it threaten our democracy. It merely points us toward learning the inconvenient truth that the United States has flourished in large part on the backs of enslaved African people and their descendants who were deprived of justice by continuing discrimination after emancipation.

Addressing the privilege that white males in our society have historically enjoyed is not a zero-sum game. More justice for people of color and women does not constitute less for white men. Equality of persons demands that we work towards equity among all.

Andrea Thompson McCall

South Portland