Last night was a lovely cool evening, so with some trepidation we opened up the windows to air out the house. After about an hour, our trepidations were realized when we started to smell the wood smoke that will trigger asthma and allergy attacks. So, even with a cool night, we had to shut the house up tight because someone, somewhere in the neighborhood wanted to play camper and light up their fire pit, resulting in dense smoke that hangs just above ground level. Smoke that pollutes the air and is a health hazard.

Yes, we could put in air conditioning, but why should we have to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars because some inconsiderate person wants to play caveman and sit around a useless pollution source? Do they not realize that smoke doesn’t stay within their property? Do they not realize what they are doing can affect their neighbors several streets away? Do they not realize the smoke contains carcinogenic particulates that pollute the air and can trigger respiratory distress in some of their neighbors?

We have banned smoking in public areas because of the dangers of second-hand smoke. Wood-burning fire pits are no less dangerous. Have some consideration for your neighbors, please.

Roger Smith

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