“Implosion,” a digital photograph by Burke Long. Courtesy of Burke Long

Brunswick’s Points of View Artists gallery features two exhibits, Monochrome Unbound and Intersections: Forms Observed, Forms Abstracted, at a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 13, at 18 Pleasant St.

Monochrome Unbound, by POV artist Judith Long and guest artist Burke Long, is in the ground-floor main gallery. Intersections, by artist Alan Mast, is displayed in the third-floor Garrett Gallery. Both exhibits can viewed from August 2nd through the end of the month.

Monochrome Unbound features photographs and handmade fine art prints. By using shades of a single color, the artists express sundry moods, feelings and memories that they associate with each image, whether naturalistic or abstract.

“Using shades of one color simplifies the visual effect,” Burke Long said in a news release. “But a single color communicates the surge of specific feeling, the emotional tone that elicits a viewer’s response.”

Intersections: Forms Observed, Forms Abstracted by POV artist Alan Mast is a deliberate bringing together of recent work that creates a dialogue between what he calls “representational” art – recognizable images from the world around us – and “abstract” art, art that draws on hidden forms that circulate in the unconscious mind.

“I am beguiled by both forms of vision,” Mast said. “Both use the very same basics: light/dark colors, warm/cool colors, intense/muted colors, straight/curved shapes, et cetera. They speak to the basic unity of the artistic venture.”

The artists invite others to tell their own stories when they look at what is on display.

These two exhibits are part of the Second Friday Art Walks sponsored by the Brunswick Downtown Association, the third of four events in the 2021 season.

Points of View Gallery, located in the Brunswick Business Center at 18 Pleasant St., is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit povartistsmaine.com.

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