Above Board —All Hands on Deck, a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 to meet the emerging needs of the greater
Kennebunk community, will host A Summer Folly at Old Vines Wine Bar on Wednesday, Aug. 25. All proceeds from
the event will go directly to help fund the Kennebunk Skatepark Improvement Project.

Renovations are planned for Kennebunk’s skatepark, located on Factory Pasture Lane. Courtesy image

Kim Vieira, board treasurer, in an Aug. 2 news release, said, “After the year and a half we’ve just endured, it seems like the right time to get behind a project that is focused on bringing the community together to recreate, to enjoy the outdoors, to possibly explore a new sport or two, and to focus our energy on helping Kennebunk meet the needs of all its athletes.”

According to the organization, “Groundbreaking for the renovated skatepark is set to take place this fall at its current location on Factory Pasture Lane, and from the plans in place the newly envisioned Kennebunk Skatepark is bound to be a shining star for the whole community.”

“The park is slated to receive a concrete expansion that will feature a mini ramp and stair combo and pair up with the current skating area,” said Chris Osterrieder, director of community development, in the email. “Parking will be defined and site improvements such as clearing, landscaping, lighting and new signage are all planned. We worked closely with Pillar Design Studios to create a park masterplan in three distinct phases. If all phases are funded we would be able to include a quarter pipe, a bank, and fun box/quarter pipe combo, all features suggested by skateboarders and park

Above Board — All Hands on Deck, a nonprofit organization, will host A Summer Folly at Old Vines Wine Bar on Wednesday, Aug. 25. All proceeds will go directly to help fund the Kennebunk Skatepark Improvement Project. For more information, visit aboveboardgala.com. Dan King photo

According to the news release, “Skateboarding, BMX biking, and scootering are noted for their inclusive nature. The more experienced athletes are frequently found helping those new to the park, and there are no barriers to entry when it comes to skatepark fun.”

“This park is envisioned to welcome everyone from beginning skaters to adults who still enjoy the sport,” said Tasha Pinkham, parks and recreation director, in an email. “We recognize the park will be key in giving our skaters a safe environment that enables them to not only improve their skills, but to also further develop areas of responsibility, confidence and social skills regardless of age, sex, race, and/or socioeconomic status.”

According to Above Board – All Hands on Deck, the Kennebunk skatepark is “finally going to get the attention it deserves. And
if you’ve caught the fever watching the Tokyo Olympics, you’re not alone.”

“We expect the park to be very busy,” said Karen Winton, deputy director of community development, in an email. “Skateboarding, BMX biking and scootering have all taken off, and it is our hope that the many park users, especially those patiently waiting for this improvement, take away the message that this is your community, supporting you, and your unique talents and sport, and investing in you. This is your community showing you you’re valued and you’re worth the investment.”

A Summer Folly will feature Boston-based band, Night Shift and chef Joel Souza. The event will include specialty cocktails from local distilleries and breweries, curated silent auction  featuring hand-designed skateboard decks by area artists and a surprise or two throughout the evening. For more information, ticketing and/or donations, visit aboveboardgala.com.

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