I read with interest Mr. Uminski’s response to the letter by Mr. Romanoff about “like-minded readers” (“Balentine’s ‘like-minded’ readers are many,” Aug. 20).

He begins by insulting Heather Martin as to her “woke” columns about things of concern to most reasonable people. Perhaps Mr. Uminski prefers to “doze” while others move forward.

Next he disparages Susan Lebel Young for her writings about mental wellness. Perhaps he prefers the company of his Q-mates and their obsession with cannibalistic pedophiles who are the “secret” world elites.

Lastly, Mr. Uminski denigrates Mr. Iftin for being … not from around here; certainly not an “American,” as he does not pay homage to the sanitized history that comforts Mr. Uminski and makes him feel special. I can recall a time when new members of our American society who succeeded were thought highly of.

Mr. Uminski feels privileged for the many people who, he thinks, are of a like mind to his. I remind him that he seeks company with white supremacists, racists, misogynists, antisemites and deniers of much of what science can teach us. In the face of such “company” who would think of shutting up?

Mark A. Krogman
South Portland