So, Mainers, get the spare bedroom ready for Grammy and Grampy.

Between the Mills’ health care workers’ vaccine mandate and Biden’s Medicare/Medicaid vaccine mandates, many facilities will be in jeopardy.

Mills says, “… it is imperative that they take every precaution against this dangerous virus …” If the true goal is to prevent patients’ exposure to the COVID virus, will ALL employees be routinely tested?

Fully vaccinated is NOT fully immune. By the way, the Centers for Disease Control says it will be changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” due to uncertainty of future boosters to be required.

Vaccinated persons can UNKNOWINGLY spread the virus.

Case in point, ASYMPTOMATIC, FULLY VACCINATED Texas Gov. Abbott discovered that he was COVID positive only because he does daily testing. So how many vaccinated workers are spreading the virus unknowingly?

Breakthrough case data is skewed. The CDC announced it only counts breakthrough cases if there is hospitalization or fatalities involved.

All the pro-vaxxers condemning the unvaccinated, please remember the unvaccinated include people who cannot be vaccinated and those with natural immunity. After reading online/newspaper comments and editorials about this matter it has become evident where kids learned how to bully and intimidate. I would say shame on you, but it is obvious you have no shame or compassion.

Linda McMahon