The Scarborough Town Council was considering banning parking on one side of Black Point Road in Prout’s Neck. The red line indicates a parking ban and the green line indicates where parking would be allowed between Sept. 15 and May 1 if the ordinance amendments were to pass. Courtesy photo

SCARBOROUGH — On Sept. 1, the Town Council tabled a proposed parking ban on a section of Black Point Road during the summer, a recommendation that came from the Scarborough Ordinance Committee.

The proposed change to the town’s traffic ordinance would restrict parking on the water side of the street, from Kirkwood to Fern Roads, between May 1 to Sept. 15.

Members of the Prout’s Neck Improvement Association brought concerns forward to the ordinance committee earlier this year about parking in front of the Scarborough Beach entrance, said Councilor Jean-Marie Caterina, committee chair. The group had requested banning all parking on Black Point Road.

“We talked about it in ordinance (committee), and I’ve been pretty clear that there was no way I was going to ban all parking on a public road in the winter, particularly with access to the beach,” she said.

The committee created a compromise with an amendment to the traffic ordinance that would ban parking on the opposite side of the beach’s entrance, Caterina said.

Jeremy Wintersteen, president of the Prout’s Neck Improvement Association, said that he and other members of the group believe that parking in the lots is a better option than on the street.


“We continue to advocate for use of the parking lots that are there, both on Ferry Road, the town’s lot, and the Scarborough beach lot that’s on the water side of the road,” he said. “We continue to think that that’s the best place for people to park for both safety and access.”

There is still concern about traffic, even with the proposed restriction, Wintersteen said.

“The ordinance committee’s recommendation of one side of the street parking is an improvement over the status quo, so I appreciate that, and I think it’s a step in the right direction,” he said. “I still believe though that there is a continued safety hazard, and I’m worried that someone’s going to get killed or hurt with the hazard that still exists there.”

A resident of Black Point Road, Marvin Gates, said he agreed with Wintersteen’s comments.

The council tabled the item, postponing it indefinitely. The motion to table the item was called for by Caterina.

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