See for information on Zoom meetings.

Tues.  9/21  2 p.m.  Climate Action Commission  City Hall

Tues.  9/21  6 p.m.  Recreation Commission

Wed.  9/22  4 p.m.  Transportation Committee  City Hall

Thur.  9/23  10:30 a.m.  Finance Committee  City Hall

Thur.  9/23  6 p.m.  Crawford Drive Construction Project  City Hall



For information on remote access, televised/streamed meetings see

Mon.  9/20  6:30 p.m.  Town Council

Tues.  9/21  7:15 p.m.  Village Review Board  Live/Zoom

Wed.  9/22  10 a.m.  Staff Review Committee  Town Hall/Zoom

Wed.  9/22  6 p.m.  River and Coastal Waters Commission  Town Hall/Zoom

Wed.  9/22  7 p.m.  School Board Workshop


Thur.  9/23  5 p.m.  Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee  Town Hall/Zoom

Thur.  9/23  7 p.m.  Mare Brook Watershed Project


Check for information on remote access. Videos of previous meetings at

Mon.  9/20  5 p.m.  Town Lands Committee  Giant’s Stairs

Tues.  9/21  6 p.m.  Energy and Technology Committee

Wed.  9/22  9 a.m.  Bandstand Committee



Check for information on remote access. Videos of previous meetings at

Wed.  9/22  1 p.m.  Planning Project Meeting  Conference Room

Thur.  9/23  6:30 p.m.  Planning Board  Russell Room

Fri.  9/24  noon  Topsham Development, Inc.  Russell Room

All meetings are remote unless otherwise noted.

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