These products are generally all natural, non-toxic, sustainable and they all have some extra power on top.

GO INDUSTRIAL. Maine Standard Biofuels is a full service used cooking oil collector and biodiesel manufacturer, so you might imagine they know how to deal with greasy mess. In addition to their biofuels, they produce a bio-degradable, non-toxic, low VOC cleaning line called Wicked Strong. The Pro Kitchen and Oven & Grill Cleaners are particularly beloved by chefs. Purchase wholesale orders, approximately $30 for four one-gallon bottles, at

GO REUSABLE. Get greener than all natural solutions and buy dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher powder and all-purpose cleaners in bulk. GoGo Refill in South Portland and We Fill Good in Kittery will fill your cups with home cleaning essentials and personal care items like lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. Both stores also have a wide selection of plastic-free, reusable, sustainable goods. Bamboo pot scrapers ($2.50 to $2.75), coconut scourers ($6.99 for two) and compostable sponges ($2 to $8) are strong, natural solutions to cleaning a burnt dish. Shop in store or online at and

Good Natured Brand cleaners, room sprays and laundry detergents are made in Maine; Grove Collaborative makes a modular tub brush that uses less plastic.

GO SCENTED. Good Natured Brand has several scents for their laundry, counter spray and room spray products. Their newest is Endless Summer, a blend of lime, lavender, cedar-wood, eucalyptus and rosemary oils with water-based stabilizers. It’s available as a surface cleaner ($10.99) and a room/linen spray ($9.99), both leaving a simple, refreshing, food-safe aroma and nothing else. Shop all at

GO MODULAR. San Francisco-based Grove Collaborative ( has operated a customer service office in Portland since 2018. The ecommerce site focuses on natural and sustainable household and beauty products. Grove produces its own line of reusable cleaning tools, which includes the com-pact mop and broom kit ($40.95). The collapsible handle has two different attachments for sweeping and mopping. Grove also makes nice-looking, wood-handled tub scrubbers ($6.95), toilet brushes ($29.95) and plungers ($39.95) with re-placeable heads ($5.95 to $9.95). Diatomaceous earth ($5.95) at the bottom of the stands absorbs odor and moisture.

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