Do we need to audit our election process? If we are to trust our government, we must have an election system we trust to put them into office.

Edward Deming formalized quality management and is recognized around the world for his contribution. Every business school teaches quality management based on his model. Boiled down to a sentence, it is to plan, do, check, adjust, then repeat the process. Audits are step No. 3: Check. Mission critical processes – think NASA and the nuclear industry – integrate quality into every process.

Four recent Rasmussen polls of likely voters, different questions on different days, show that 51 percent believe that cheating impacted the 2020 election results; only 59 percent have confidence in election results; 55 percent support election audits, and 74 percent support voter ID.

In this case we, the voter, represented by our elected officials, are asking about election integrity. The response “we should not look because we do not have a problem” is mind-boggling. If you have never looked, how would you know? We as voters should not accept that answer. Encourage our elected officials to perform forensic audits. If they refuse, they do not deserve our support and trust.

Ask those who seek to prevent audits what they fear. To accept doubts about our election integrity, because we do not want to look, weakens the voter, the elected and our country.

Failure (to fix our elections) is not an option.

Joe Grant

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