I’ve often wondered why Scarborough Police has not addressed the hazardous situation of cars lining up for the Holy Donut’s drive-thru. That pile-up of idling cars sometimes not only line up along the Haigis Parkway, but sometimes even wraps around to the shoulder of Route 1.

As I drove by last Sunday, my ADHD kicked in and brought back an episode of “Seinfeld” titled “The Soup Nazi.” In this episode, a vendor has created the best-tasting soup in town. But if you angered the chef he would refuse to serve you, yelling the iconic “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

Obviously, Holy Donut has created the best-tasting donuts in this area. So I figured Scarborough PD probably has not dared to ask the Holy Donut to remedy this situation, fearing they may hear the words “NO DOUGHNUT FOR YOU!”

Ted Sirois