Greetings from Arizona regarding your clear-thinking Rep. Jared Golden. I want to thank him for standing firm with our senior U.S. senator, Kyrsten Sinema, in the belief that while the nation does need the bipartisan infrastructure investment, which the Republicans agreed to and was promised by Democrats to be voted upon first, it does not need a second bill that is more than three times as large.

I am a centrist, anti-Trump Republican, who voted Democratic for president in 2016 and 2020. I thought I was getting the moderate candidate Joe Biden portrayed, not a progressive who can’t get anything done.

Sen. Sinema and a few Democratic members of the U.S. House, who want to pass the needed first bill and discuss the scope of the Build Back Better Act, should remain calm in the face of these vicious personal attacks.

I am sick of politicians who condemn these seasoned leaders for their reasoned and unbiased approach to this legislation.

The zealots who revere police defunding but want unlimited funding for everything else actually chased our senator into a bathroom on the campus of Arizona State University, gaining access illegally, and targeted New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s family at his home.

I encourage our leaders to fight to get the first bill passed before talking about a second bill and restore the country’s trust in a few thoughtful individuals who can’t be bullied – Democrat, Republican and independent alike.

The people of America, who actually still go to work every day, need leaders like Golden and Sinema to stand strong now.

George Schele

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