I  support Question 1 on the ballot in November, and here are reasons why I am voting “No” on this clean energy corridor issue. I just read an article in the Maine Sunday Telegram, written by “The Maine Millennial,” Victoria Hugo-Vidal. I enjoy her articles from time to time and I agree most of the time.
I really agree with her in regard to the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor. She looks at it from both sides, the pro’s and con’s from all the ad’s we hear and see in the news. She said she will vote “No” for good reasons.
She believes in climate change and supports clean energy and so do most millennials, and old folks like me. And, our governor does, too, and that’s a big plus.
I know that CMP has had its problems in the past, but I think the utility has come back and now serves their customers’ needs as before. I live in a rural area and yes, we have had outages and will probably have them again.
I feel that CMP, given this chance to expand, will improve their infrastructure.
Please vote “No” on Question 1. I will.
Norman Baker


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