(From Left) Raymond Robishaw, Harry Moor and Clifford Miller won a three-year term on Lisbon School Committee. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Newcomers Harry Moore, Clifford Miller and Raymond Robishaw won three seats on the Lisbon Town Council.

Moore received the most votes in a six-way race for three seats on the council. While Moore received 1,115 votes, Robishaw and Miller secured 930 and 831, respectively, according to the results from Twila Lycette, Lisbon town clerk.

Three other candidates had sought three-year seats. Jo-Jean Keller received 744 votes, Heather Curtis received 760 votes and Lorelei Hilliker received 519 votes.

Jason Smith won the one-year seat on the town council.

Moore, a retired police sergeant, had previously said he wants to continue to be involved in the community.

One of the issues that he wants to focus on is the save the view at Worumbo Mill site. He believes that it is important to save the view of the Androscoggin River.


“I believe that it is important to try to keep this view. While I don’t have a solution, I would suggest that any ongoing process be slowed until the new board can research and evaluate with input from the public,” said Moore during a candidate’s forum last month.

Miller said his immediate goals would be to develop an easy and affordable interactive app where the community can message the council members rather than just sending email.

“I want to engage with the community at large and just hear what they have to say,” said Miller. “We are here because of them. I started getting involved with the town’s economic director of the town manager to understand what was happening in the town, and one thing that I kept hearing over and over again was the communication and the insight from the community was limited.”

He said he is looking to tackle the Worumbo Mill Site issue, which is one of the hot topics of the town. 

“There is a coalition of people that are very much for saving the view at the site. I don’t think there is anyone that is looking to avoid it. I think we are looking to tackle it head-on day one,” said Miller.

Similar to Moore and Miller, Robishaw too believes that saving the view at Worumbo site is important. 


School Committee results 

Incumbent Kimberly Poisson and a political newcomer Margaret Courtney win two seats on Lisbon School Committee. 

While Poisson received 1,189 votes, Courtney received 1,035.

Leonard Lednum lost her bid for one of the seats with 945 votes. 

Water Commission 

Marie Hale, received 1,428 votes and retained her position as the chair of the Water Commission. She had previously said she would like to serve the ratepayers of the water department and keep improvements ongoing. 


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