Scarborough author Robin Merle has a new book: ‘Involuntary Exit: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired.’ Courtesy photo

Many have heard the phrase “I am sorry, but you are fired,” or “we no longer have the space for you.” These words often leave those who hear them shocked, scared, and questioning their career. In some cases, it can leave the person on the receiving feeling intimidated and scared to take on the next job opportunity.

In the new book, “Involuntary Exit: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired,” by local Scarborough author, Robin Merle, she explores the hard topic of being fired in the workplace. This manual was written to help guide women through the emotional trauma caused by losing one’s job. It illustrates real women’s stories on how they dealt with the pain, progress, and purpose of their journey. Based on Merle’s own experience of working at the top of billion-dollar organizations, she says the manual helps readers understand that they are not alone, and they will get through this hard time, just like millions of other women.

Merle’s experiences include being a senior executive for multiple billion-dollar organizations, as well as raising over $500 million for charities while working with nonprofit organizations. Merle was named “Woman of the Achievement” by Women of Development for her leadership in fundraising and commitment to women in the field. She is the author of other short fiction works that have been published in several literary magazines she said, and “Involuntary Exit” is her first nonfiction book.

Merle said she has always been interested in writing. Over the years she has written for journals, worked on speeches and is now a successful author. Merle said she began working on her book after communicating with several women who had just lost their jobs and she said she flew through the first draft after hearing those first hand experiences. Two years after completing the first draft she decided to add more stories that dealt with women losing their jobs during 2020 pandemic.

Women should stay positive about finding a new job after being dismissed, Merle advises. She encourages women to start a vision board, be courageous and to think about what they want in moving forward. Today, Merle works with both men and women to help inspire them as they begin a new chapter of their life.

“I have been consulting with men and women who have been let go, and that’s part of my goal to help men and women get beyond this and figure out how to navigate their way to success. The book is the beginning, the consulting and helping as many people as possible is really important to me,” Merle says

The book was released at a Virtual Book Launch on Oct. 19 that attracted nearly 100 people. Copies of her book are available locally at the Print Bookstore in Portland, and you can find upcoming events on her LinkedIn page. Also be on the lookout for the next book she is working on.

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