Sen. Susan Collins supports gerrymandering, dark money in politics and intimidation of election officers by her opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act.

She says states should make their own election laws. In Georgia, polling sites are sparse and voters have to stand in line for hours, and it’s illegal to give water to those waiting in line! Sen. Collins is fine with this.

In Texas, there is only one absentee ballot drop box per county. Forty-one counties in Texas are each larger than Rhode Island, and voters have to drive for hours to turn in those ballots. Sen. Collins approves.

In 2021, at least 19 states passed 34 laws making it difficult or impossible for some citizens to vote, and more than 440 bills with provisions that restrict voting access were introduced in 49 states. Sen. Collins sees no problem.

This is how democracies die. The dismantling of democracy is happening here and now, and Sen. Collins doesn’t seem to care.

The Freedom to Vote Act is sensible legislation much needed to combat voter-suppression laws now being adopted by states. Comprehensive federal legislation is needed to prevent voter-suppression rules at the state level and to secure voting rights for every voter.

By obstructing even the discussion of the Freedom to Vote Act, as well as pledging to vote “no,” Sen. Collins gave her implicit approval of voter suppression.

Cathrina Skov

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