My name is Randy. I am in long-term recovery from a 35-year addiction. I am a recovery coach, advocate and mentor. I’m writing today to share my personal experience and to highlight why L.D. 1175, which would lower the cost of phone calls and provide two free calls a week in county and state jails, must be passed.

The last time I was arrested I had no money on me. I couldn’t call my daughter for months to let her know what had happened. This wouldn’t be an issue for most people, but in my case, I was homeless, living in a tent in the woods. I was at the height of my addiction.

The night I got arrested, I was supposed to meet my daughter for her birthday. Instead, I went to jail. I couldn’t contact her at all that night. Worse still, it was three months before my daughter figured out where I was. She thought I had overdosed in the woods and that no one would ever find my body!

My daughter should have never had to come to terms with the false assumption that I had died, only to find out I was alive months after and just couldn’t get hold of her. I feel very strongly about the importance of L.D. 1175. I hope my story will help show why it is critical to vote in support of it.

Randy Beard

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