What is the Republican Party’s 21-year vision for America? Maine citizens deserve to understand why the GOP supports policies that oppose a safer, more equitable and environmentally friendly U.S.A.

I refer to these policies:

• Second Amendment gun proliferation – inadequate controls over gun access and licensing. Republican party gun policies are encouraging endemic gun violence. Where is this heading?

• Undermining election integrity – Republican voter suppression bills at the state level are disenfranchising minority voters across the nation. Republican federal lawmakers’ support for Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ undermines the nation’s faith in national elections. The GOP voted down the Lewis voting rights bill. Is dictatorship the endgame? It feels like it is.

• Economic security – Radical Republican policies and fascist tendencies undermine global security.

• A woman’s right to choose – GOP votes for Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett will override Roe v. Wade. What is the benefit for the average American for this terrible decision?


• Climate change is impacting the state of Maine – Maine industries, property and wildlife suffer. Why do Republicans oppose climate mitigation efforts?

• Human decency – Republicans are inciting insurrections and denying culpability. The GOP is weaponizing Critical Race Theory for political gain. Rand Paul is character assassinating Dr. Anthony Fauci. McConnell pledges obstructionism. McCarthy lies, Bannon threatens, Greene spews. Make it stop.

As we prepare for the 2022 mid-term elections, it is high time Republicans share their vision with their constituents. A lack of vision equals gaslighting. A white supremacist autocracy ransacking the Earth isn’t going to cut it.

Geoffrey Ives

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