South Portland City Hall was closed on Monday due to water damage, potentially affecting operations for over a month, according to the City Clerk’s office.

A water leak attributed to a frozen coil inside an air handler unit caused damage in the Human Resources Office and to part of the City Clerk’s office on the first floor. Finance and IT offices on the second floor along with part of the building’s basement also received damage, according to a press release from the clerk’s office.

City Hall will partially reopen on Wednesday, with access to the first floor being temporarily sectioned off.

Residents are asked to enter the front door on Cottage Road for access to the City Clerk’s Office, Executive Office, and SPC-TV, and the back door by the Ocean Street parking lot for the Finance Department.

Human Resources, Social Services and Information Services will conduct business by appointment only.

Residents are encouraged to visit and click on “Online Services” tab to see a list of services accessible via the internet.

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