SCARBOROUGH—After an incident at the Scarborough Walmart where three women approached three teenage girls, the Scarborough Police Department are telling people to be aware of their surroundings and on the lookout for people following them.

On Jan. 23, three teenage girls at the Scarborough Walmart were approached by three women said to be in their early 20s and wearing masks. The women asked the young girls if they wanted to go to a hot chocolate party. The women said they were forming a new church group and were going to a house nearby. When the women were confronted by a customer, the women left and got into a white GMC Envoy or Terrain.  

“I have learned that the women may have been recruiting for a church, specifically the World Mission Society Church of God, Chard said. This church was started in South Korea (1964) and has reached Canada, United States, and South America.  I learned that people have reported the same type of activity in Biddeford, Windham, Maine Mall and other locations. They have approached adults and younger people (both male and female), asking them if they believe in God and want to join a Bible study. They have told people at various times, if they wanted to go to an ice cream social, s’mores party or hot chocolate party.” 

The Police Department has had numerous calls from people with information following the incident, according to Sgt. Thomas Chard of the Special Enforcement Unit. Although the incident may be unusual it is not a crime, he said, but the department asks everyone to be vigilant regarding their surroundings. People should report any persons or activities that look or appear suspicious.  

“Never text in a shopping mall, grocery store, or any other store,” said Chard. “Keep your eyes out for anyone following you and be aware of your surroundings. Sex trafficking is a real thing. People involved in sex trafficking also entice young females with incentives such as money, tangible items to get them to follow to a vehicle. If anyone approaches and they feel uncomfortable, say ‘no thanks’ and get inside the store. Call the police or notify store management to call the police. Get as much information about the person(s) who approached you such as clothing, height, weight, age and any vehicle information you can. This will be helpful to the police when they arrive on scene and investigate.” 

If anyone has information regarding that or similar incidents, contact Sgt. Thomas Chard at 207-730-4305 or call the Scarborough Police Department. 


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