OCEAN PARK — David Florig’s first book, “A Life of Dates,” was released on March 5.

David Florig grew up and lived in South Jersey until his retirement to Ocean Park. During his career, Florig was a lawyer and the executive director of two nonprofits. He is a member of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.

“A Life of Dates” is a personal memoir, of sorts, and recounts a perfectly average life, filled with great joy,
overwhelming sadness, and a lifetime filled with amazing people, according to a press release.

“Setting out to figure out what he was doing on each and every day of his life, he failed miserably,” according to the release. “How could he possibly know what he was doing on some random date in 1967? The result is a stream-of-consciousness trip through life in South Jersey through retirement to Ocean Park, Maine.”

The book takes the reader on journal of Florig’s life from birth to an unwed teenage mother who he never knew, through adoption, pee-wee football in Atlantic City Convention Hall, foot-long hot dogs in Delaware, Pan Am 103, a hotly contested student council election, and old-man softball in Maine and Massachusetts, “A Life of Dates” is full of recollections of life in South Jersey and, finally, in Maine.

“A Life of Dates” is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

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