April is just about done, and the month as a whole has been fairly rainy. Isn’t there a saying about that? April showers, or something?

No worries if you feel like you missed out on the rain, though. There’s plenty more coming this week.


Monday will be one of the nicest days this week.

Persistent northwest wind will keep temperatures a bit cooler, and clouds are expected to increase during the day. Still, it is likely going to be one of the driest days this week. Highs stay in the 50s. A couple inland spots might get closer to 60°.


A cold front approaches by Tuesday. Moisture starts loading in ahead of this front.

Showers begin later Tuesday morning, and increase in coverage through the afternoon and evening.


Temperatures will be stuck in the 50s, thanks to the thicker cloud cover.

See that spot where all three fronts meet? That is where we have to watch for the key to Wednesday’s forecast.


A new area of low pressure forms where the fronts meet. It tracks right through the Gulf of Maine, bringing scattered showers for the day.

The breeze may pick up, too, adding to the raw feeling. Expect temperatures to stay in the low 50s, at most, with some 40s mixed in.


By Thursday, colder air will be wrapping around into the stalled out storm.

A few snow showers are possible through the high elevations. Elsewhere, rain continues. Highs will mostly be in the 40s.


Breezy conditions are expected, keeping the raw conditions from Wednesday around.

The storm will finally start to clear on Friday, but the day still looks unsettled.

On the bright side (literally), sunshine should return for the weekend.


Still, the overall temperature trend for the April 30 to May 4 period is cooler. Normally, high temperatures would be around 60° May 1, but this year it will likely be cooler than that.

We’ll warm up eventually, though. That I can guarantee!

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