A proposed spending plan may increase taxes by 4.36% in Brunswick.

The municipal budget pitched for the next fiscal year is $33 million, increasing by 9.22% from the previous budget.

The proposed school budget is $49.5 million, rising by 13.51%, and the proposed budget for the county is $1.7 million, which is a 2.99% increase.

The over 4.36% increase in taxes comes from 2.16% from the school, the municipality’s 2.16%, and 0.04% from the county. 

However, the tax rate for the budget is not finalized as yet. The Town Council will be meeting on Thursday, May 5, to discuss the budget and decide the tax rate. 

“With inflationary pressures, pandemic recovery efforts, and new debt service, this is a challenging budget year for the school department and the municipal government,” Brunswick Town Councilor Dan Ankeles said. “We will be working as hard as we can to strike the right balance between meeting the community’s needs and respecting the difficulties many families are facing economically.”



The budget includes a capital improvement plan that proposes an increase in debt services for $552,713 due to the operation cost of a new fire station. The Brunswick Town Council approved a $9.1 million contract with Ledgewood Construction to build a new fire station at Pleasant and Webster streets in February 2021.

The plan also includes $468,772 in police department spending, $538,144 for the fire department and $296,960 for public works.

When presenting the municipal budget Monday, Town Manager John Eldridge also mentioned a significant increase of $140,000 to Brunswick and Topsham Water District for fire suppression hydrants to comply with a Maine Public Utilities Commission regulations.

Eldridge said the proposed budget also includes $120,000 to analyze and prepare for a new public works facility.

Additionally, $175,000 will be proposed from the general fund in the capital budget to match a DOT small harbor improvement program ship grant to work around the existing boat ramp at Simpson’s point. 

A council workshop on the town budget is scheduled for Thursday, May 5. The total budget will be considered for adoption on May 12, and the school budget will go to a budget referendum on June 14.

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