We are all grieving. The last two years have brought loss and feelings of helplessness. The happenings of the last few weeks have brought horror. As a community, we mourn for all that has been lost – for the lives gone too soon in Buffalo, in Uvalde, in Irvine.

We grieve for all people who are suffering from fear, mental illness and so much more. These have been trying days for us all. As clergy, we aim to create places of solace and peace and also spaces where we can show up as our whole selves. Where it’s OK to grieve, to express our pain and frustrations. Some things are better held in community. When we come together we can all help to bear the weight of this heavy world and move forward as one to enact the changes we pray will improve life for all.

Please know, we’re here; we get it, we see it, we hold it with you. All are welcome to bring their sorrows, their needs for change and their prayers of hope and resilience to the faith communities of Yarmouth.

With care and hope,

The ministers of St. Bartholomew’s, First Parish and First Universalist

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