I was dismayed, and a bit disgusted, after reading the front-page Sept. 19 Sun Journal article “Auburn businessman facing millions in fines for alleged shoreline violations at Sebago Lake.”

It appears Donald Buteau lives life by his own rules since this is his second egregious act – the first being in Harrison. Did he throw his contractor(s) under the bus in 2009 as he has in 2022?

It makes one wonder how this family runs its businesses. How unfortunate that a Maine family, the Buteau family, would have so little regard for the environment and the body of water that is the drinking water supply for “over 200,000 people – 56,000 customers, in 11 Greater Portland communities,” according to the Portland Water District website

There is so much one could say, but I believe their behavior and the pictures you published say it all. I hope he and his companies are held accountable.

Vicki Strike
Cape Elizabeth

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