Active planning for the expansion of the Scarborough Public Library has been ongoing for five years. The present library is more than 30 years old and the population in Scarborough has doubled in that time.

In 2018, the library trustees hired a library consultant to plan a library for the future. Using his data and working with a local architect, we developed a two-story expansion plan to provide flexible library space for Scarborough. The proposed 35,000-square-foot library will be in the middle of the pack of area libraries based on current population. The flexibility in our current planned expansion will allow us to quickly respond to future changes. A healthy, thriving Scarborough needs a healthy, thriving library to better serve the community right now and into the future. Isn’t it time to support the improvement of one of our cherished community assets?

Vote Yes for the library expansion.

Susan M. Powell
Scarborough Public Library Board of Trustees