I’m writing in support of Anne Gass, an independent candidate for House District 104, which includes New Gloucester and part of Gray. She has the versatility and character to excel. She is a Clean Elections candidate, meaning she will owe nothing to anyone but the voters. She is fond of quoting Shirley Chisholm, a 1972 presidential candidate who said, “I am unbought and unbossed.”Examples of Anne’s accomplishments and versatility include starting her own business in 1993, writing almost $170 million in grants mostly to help Maine people. She has written two books about women’s suffrage and is fighting for women’s choice and equality. She served as vice chair of the Gray Town Council and on the school board and various town committees. She helped to establish the Libby Hill recreational area, developed a bike and pedestrian plan for Gray, and got a $31,000 grant to help revitalize Gray village.Anne’s character and accomplishments are a compelling reason to give her your vote on Nov. 8.

Philip Ohman