It’s hard to recall a time when this state was in such dire need of better leadership.

Gov. Mills’ record “is being unfairly embellished, while Paul LePage continues to be viciously attacked by many media outlets throughout this state. Don’t fall for it,” David Del Camp writes. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

While most of Gov. Mills’ administration has been defined by the pandemic, it did give us all a glimpse into her mindset. While botching decision after decision, she managed to mishandle virtually every phase of the COVID lockdowns.

Ask any service industry employee along with their family members. As though owning, running or working in a restaurant isn’t challenging enough, the destructive policies she enacted crippled that entire industry along with many others throughout this state.

Ask members of this state’s health care industry, which was decimated by her ineptness. Her vaccine mandates led to hundreds of health care workers leaving hospitals and nursing homes during a time we needed them most. Access to health care for Mainers was either limited or stopped in its tracks.

Ask students and athletes in public schools who were denied their scholastic achievements and athletic pursuits. Many of these kids were adversely affected by depression and mental illnesses caused by her authoritarian lockdowns.

To make matters worse, Mills either couldn’t or wouldn’t listen to the advice of her own party activists and legislators, many of whom broke with her cartoonishly draconian COVID policies.


Want to talk drugs? Gov. Mills has failed at stemming the illegal drugs flowing into our state, with drug overdose deaths continuing to break records with each passing year.

In a recent debate, she completely dodged the question about her Maine Department of Education’s taxpayer-funded “woke” teachings to kindergartners about transgenderism and gay relationships. Would any serious person attempt to defend such ineptitude? When given the opportunity to lead, Janet Mills has failed miserably at representing the interests of this state.

Never forget this all happened, the fallout of which we’ll be dealing with for years. You’d never know it, though, by the way her record is being unfairly embellished, while Paul LePage continues to be viciously attacked by many media outlets throughout this state. Don’t fall for it.

While serving as governor, LePage passed large tax cuts, along with legislation to pay back state hospital debt. He attracted new businesses and created new jobs while staring down those who abide in hopelessness and misery, offering no substantive solutions. And, say what you want about LePage, it’s likely the man would never attempt to influence, indoctrinate or brainwash any child or student in anything “woke.”

Look around. Have you ever seen so many panhandlers or homelessness? Have these problems become so normalized in people’s minds that we just accept them without questioning how we got here? Folks, it didn’t used to be this way.

Gov. LePage proved himself to be the right leadership for Maine’s citizenry. By almost every metric, Paul LePage is the antithesis to the weak and feckless incompetence that Janet Mills has displayed throughout her tenure in the Blaine House.

The past four years of our collective education have been painful. The good news is, nothing in the world says we can’t learn from them and move forward. After everything we’ve been through, does anyone really think Janet Mills represents Maine’s best interests? Would it be fair to speculate how a LePage administration would have responded to similar circumstances regarding the pandemic, the lockdowns, or any other challenges? Of course, it would. Personally, I would encourage it.

Either way, one thing’s for certain: We couldn’t do any worse than what we got.

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