Charlotte Garrity, 3, is Incredible!

The Bailey siblings, Siobhan, 8, Starfire from Teen Titans; James, 6, a dinosaur; and Izzie, 3, Cinderella, ramp up their poses for a Halloween photo.

Roz and Dana Gross in costume as a cactus and Obi-wan.

Henry the pirate, also known as Henry Townley, 5.

Angela Lake, 12, as Tyrannosaurus rex, and Daniel Yates, 8, as Shadow.

Cousins Nolan Hawson and Aaya and Akila Mukunzi are dressed as Harry Potter, the Little Mermaid and a gorgeous unicorn.

Crystal Smith and Alexander Currie hold their favorite baby bat, Maximus Currie, who is 9 months old.

Cousins Cadence Rose Travcy, 3, Willow Nyamitwe, 2, and Malia Tracy, 2, are the three cutest Minions ever.

Colton LaRou 3, dressed as a lollipop-loving puppy.

Twin werewolves Charlotte and Lilly Hanna, 8, on either end of Julianna Robertson, 7, dressed as a witch and Nora Greeley, 7, dressed as an alien.

Alan Seabright and Elizabeth Grear were out walking the dogs and didn’t wear costumes. But the dogs, Max, left, and Molly brought the cute.

Greg Blanchard, also known as Mothman, does it up right.

Lilli Cicciarelli, 6, is a cheerleader and her little brother Nico, 4, a pleasant gorilla for Halloween.

Beware the grim reapers, Ezio Ruby, left, and Walter Gross.

Willow Nyamitwe is a Minion who is very happy with her lollipop. She’s sitting with Glen Nyamitwe, left, and Katiria Ortiz.

Owen Legere plays a friendly dancing pirate.

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