Elect Hatch, or not

To the editor,

Saco Ward 5 citizens you have a decision to make. Reelect a Councilor Phil Hatch, write in another candidate’s name or leave it blank.

A thought on Councilor Hatch — reviewing his votes, verbal attacks on the mayor and city staff; works against our city. Pushing for a fourth moratorium against residential development with three failed attempts costing taxpayer’s expensive legal reviews each time. Why have an individual that works out of the sight of citizens?

Initiatives of former Councilor Al Minthorn. Successfully helped 80 senior citizens received approximately $1,300 against their taxes by providing new policy for council approval. He creates a working relationship with prospective new businesses owners to look at approvements to their development plans. Positive outlook for the city.

Your decision counts. Spend more tax dollars — Hatch. Visionary for all of Saco — Minthorn; or leave the ballot BLANK. You choose.


Barbara Colman

Section of Ferry Road in Saco unsafe

To the editor,

The sidewalk that extends from Beach Street to Bayview Avenue, sometimes known as Ferry Road Trail, is enjoyed by our residents, vacationers and pets. I’ve enjoyed walking my dog along this trail for many years but have become increasingly aware of the deterioration of the trail and safety of the walkers. There is a stretch between Windy Point Lane and Lewis Lane where the white traffic line is within inches of the pedestrian trail. Obviously there is no room for a bicyclist and a car to safely pass each other at the same time without the vehicle crossing the centerline. Only by the grace of God has nobody been injured or killed along this stretch of Ferry Road. I’ve asked the city administration to address this before someone is injured. Let’s be proactive rather than reactive.

Don Pilon

Vote Ed Thelander for Congress


To the editor,

America is hurting … and we have a retired Navy Seal who wants to help us.

Help restore energy production and manufacturing to America to stop rising food and energy prices.

Help protect Maine’s lobster and fishing industries.

Help close our border and stop drugs and crime from coming into America.

Help our schools by teaching only basic education.


Ed Thelander is the man who can help bring Maine and America back to what it was.

Remember George Jean Nathan’s meaningful quote: “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.”

Please vote for Ed Thelander for Congress.

Judy Hurst Ocean Park

Experience Matters: Vote Mike Burman Ward 4 Councilor

Experience matters indeed, as in just over a year of service to the city, Mike Burman, candidate for Saco Ward 4 councilor has:


• Led with fellow councilors to a unanimous Letter of Support to the Army Corps Project Partnership agreement, never has Saco been this close to an agreement to build back our beaches.

• Engaged with our federal delegation, leading to an increase from $26m to up to $45m in Army Corps funding

• Re-engaged interest in safe, vibrant bike bath/sidewalk from Bayview to Camp Ellis on Ferry Road.

• Pushed from his council seat in the new school construction process a site decision as not to lose state funding for a new preK-five grade new school campus, voted 26 to 1 out of committee at wooded Clair parcels next to Eastern Trail.

The one vote against site selection, risking our state funding of $50m or more: his supposedly “experienced” opponent. Vote Mike Burman Ward 4 City Councilor.

Kevin Roche

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