Longtime Brunswick resident Poppy Arford will return to Augusta to pursue several ambitious policy goals after winning last week’s race to represent House District 101, according to vote counts.

“It’s a heartfelt honor,” said Arford after voters in western Brunswick elected her to a second term in the Statehouse. “It feels like an opportunity for me to serve the people in our district and in our state and, by working very, very hard on their behalf, reward them for the gift that they’ve given to me.”

Arford narrowly won a first term in Augusta in 2020, when Green Party candidate Fred Horch came within 250 votes of defeating her. But this year she cruised to victory against Republican Ravi Jackson, capturing over 72% of the vote.

While Arford said she seeks out opportunities to reach across the aisle, she acknowledged the political reality that the party in control of the legislature has a huge advantage when pursing their agenda. Sweeping Democratic victories last week will make it possible to pursue her policy priorities, which include fighting inflation, expanding and safeguarding access to affordable healthcare and addressing the widespread housing shortage.

“Knowing that we’re going to again have the privilege of being the majority party is both something that I’m extremely excited about, and it’s also a huge responsibility,” she said. “The people of the state have given us this responsibility, and we need to deliver back to them the things that they’re asking for.”

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