In response to both Frank Slason (“Letter to the editor: The unseen costs of switching to electric energy,” Nov. 19) and Robert Howe (Letter to the editor: Nuclear isn’t the answer, a robust energy mix is,” Nov. 23) regarding the electric grid and sources of power, good points were made in both letters. But the big concern for me was a comment of Slason’s: questioning what to do with old solar panels while supporting nuclear power.

There are tens of thousands of metric tons of highly radioactive waste sitting in storage at various locations across the U.S. and waiting for more permanent disposal in geological repositories, many of which are not even operational. This waste is in container facilities that will break down over time, but the radioactive waste stays highly dangerous to all life forms for many thousands of years. Consider the disastrous possibilities of accidents or wars, earthquakes, human error or faulty engineering (Chernobyl).

I believe we need to look at more renewable energy sources: wind, solar, hydro. But please, no more nuclear power, and thus nuclear waste, for future generations.

Marian Baker

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