The Dec. 29 editorial, “Our View: Supreme Court kicks immigration can further down the road,” deserves a response.

Legislation is the responsibility of Congress, not the court. Our immigration mess goes back years because Congress consistently chose not to fix it. And there is a connection with the need for term limits, since many current members of Congress who have ignored reform for years are still there.

I am dismayed that, in the recent election, voters did not demand reform. I am further dismayed that President Biden and the current Congress have signaled no reform plans. A key role of a president is to recognize crisis and to lead Congress in fixing it. Past presidents, in both parties and their companion Congresses, repeatedly failed us on immigration and, as a result, we have a mushrooming crisis with no end in sight. Meanwhile, Washington and the media do not even acknowledge the urgency and give it priority status.

President Biden and the new Congress, not the court, clearly now own the issue and the opportunity to fix it. To both motivate and support them, I would like to see an editorial demanding reform that focuses on the real problems: the people we keep returning to Washington and a politicized media.

Charlie Galloway

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