The cardiac arrest recently suffered by Damar Hamlin called many to pray for this gentleman. It was great to see the call to prayer and people united in prayer.

Now that Damar is on the road to recovery, we need to concentrate on keeping our focus on God. “Thoughts and prayers” should not occur only when there is danger or tragedy. “Thoughts and prayers” should be part of daily life.

Unfortunately, we have seen coaches and teachers harassed or fired if they pray with their students. Most often, there is resistance to starting a meeting with prayer. Nobody should be coerced into a specific type of prayer, but a moment of silence accommodates all faiths.

I believe faith and prayer made our countries great and must not be eliminated from North American culture. A moment of silence at the start of the school day or a club or business meeting might increase both civility and productivity.

Brent A. Maynard
York Beach and Stratford, Prince Edward Island

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